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Landscape Architecture

Local drives Weinstadt Baach

Local drives Weinstadt Baach

People involved in the project
Building owner: City Weinstadt 

For the beautiful village of Baach (Weinstadt im Remstal) we were allowed to plan the new through road. At the moment, this through road consists of a rather straight road. There are no narrowings or street trees that divide the road into individual sections. The situation has led to road users misjudging their speed and driving too fast through the village.

In order to divide the road, gate situations and constrictions were created with street trees, which slow down the traffic accordingly. In the square area, the asphalt surface will be replaced with a paved surface and much needed parking spaces will be created. In one of the next steps, we want to try to work out a concept with the residents that works towards using the new square surface on the private side areas of the local road as well. In this way, the townscape should form a unity in terms of design and residual areas that have been individually designed to date should be integrated into the overall design.